Our founder Chairperson the Late Mrs. Krishna Satyanand was deeply concerned by the fact that many senior citizens , for some reason were not getting the adequate care and family support.
This concern led her to relentlessly work towards building a home where the seniors could spend the twilight years of their lives with dignity and happiness. Godhuli was the fulfillment of her dream
and vision.

Godhuli which is one of the most sought after homes today, started functioning in March 2002. It is fully occupied and there is a long waiting list.


Godhuli Senior Citizen Home is situated in Dwarka, New Delhi on Plot No. 7, Sector – 2. It started functioning in 2002 and is built on a 4000 sq mts plot and consists of Ground, First, Second, & Third floor and there is a basement car park.


Godhuli is managed by a committee comprising of a chairperson and six other members. The present Chairperson is Mrs. Veena Bawa There is a resident director and a manager who take care of the day today affairs of Godhuli and provide the much needed love and care to the residents.


Accommodation provided is (1). Single Room (2) Double Room.
Room contribution and charges for maintenance are as follows:
Single Room————Rs. 5340/-.
Double Room ——————Rs. 8000/-.
These are likely to be reviewed from time to time. All rooms are fully furnished and have attached bathrooms. There are 34 single rooms and 21 double rooms. There is a security deposit which is completely refundable. At present there are 61 residents i.e. 100% occupancy.


The home has sprawling lawns where the residents can enjoy the winter days.
A walkway runs around the home.
There is a 2-bed infirmary, doctor’s room, and physiotherapy unit. Nursing is provided round the clock. A visiting doctor comes 5 days a week.
An air-conditioned Sat sang Hall, huge reception area, A.C dining room, library, card room, are other facilities. A double room is kept as a guest room for the guests of the residents. Guests can stay for fifteen days on payment. This depends on the availability of the room.
Security is provided round the clock.
The food is provided by a caterer and is prepared in the kitchen of the home under the supervision of the management. Hygiene is of utmost importance. The caterer bills the residents directly. The management intervenes in case of a dispute. Aqua guards for water are provided on each floor.


old age home and orphanage

A number of recreational activities are organized by the management. –Tambola 3 times a
Month, movie whenever possible. Many schools in the neighborhood come and entertain the
Seniors. Talks are arranged on spiritual subjects and health issues. Residents are taken for outings to the Mughal garden or a picnic to a farm.

In winter Croquet is a great attraction. The card room is always a favorite. On Tuesdays the home
vibrates with the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa. Most festivals are celebrated in the home like
Diwali, Janmashtami, Holi New Year etc. Republic Day and Independence Day are also


Application forms for entry to the Home are available at The Senior Citizen Home Dwarka. The
age of a person on entry to The Home should not be less than sixty years and not more
than eighty-four years.

Office assistance is available from 10. A.M to 5. P.M. Monday to Saturday — barring
Public holidays.

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