The Children’s Day Celebrations of the 18 Balwadis was held on 22nd November 2018. 950 of our children gathered at the colourful tent put up on the premises at Lajpat Bhawan.

After the traditional lighting of the lamp by our Chief Guest Mr Yogesh Andlay, our Chairman Shri Rajkumarji, our Vice Chairman Mr. Vasu and other esteemed guests we began the function.

11 of our Balwadis and our Tuition Centre put up dances and skits depicting the importance of education, cleanliness and to stop the usage of plastic.
Confidence brimming to the core, these little performers enthralled the gathered guests, donorsand well-wishers.

We went on to award our First Divisioners of the Tailoring students with their diplomas and a sewing machine each.

Our children participated in races and the teachers and helpers in musical chairs to bring a noisy and laughter filled end to the festivities.
The guests admired the art and craft exhibition put up by the teachers and the sample dresses made by the tailoring centers.

Replete with a good lunch and juice and laden with return gifts our little ones were sent back home safely.

We are thankful to all our old and new Donors for their generous and sustained support over the years and pray that the partnership never ends.

Looking forward to the next celebration with lots of hope in our hearts.

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